What Are Sales Enablement Tools?

What Are Sales Enablement Tools?

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3 minutes Read | Published November 13, 2020 | Marie Soriano

Sales Sales enablement tools refer to the different platforms and technology that help enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales team. They also measure the overall performance of the team in terms of sales and revenue. They help the sales and marketing team level up, updating them on the latest trends and giving them access to training content and industry guides that ca make them more competitive. As a result, the sales teams get to have a better understanding of the customers and how to have a more productive relationship with them. 

Due to the advancements of technology, the traditional ways of doing marketing have also evolved. Print ads, door-to-door campaigns, cold calling, and radio and television ads do not necessarily create a big impact on the target audiences of today. To be more specific, they do not have much influence on the millennial customer who spends more time on digital devices.  Thus, if you want to stay relevant and profitable today, an effort to bring in sales enablement tools in your organization is a must. They can help your sales and marketing team adapt the modern selling techniques to win over modern buyers as well as improve overall productivity.

How sales enablement tools increase your competitiveness

Think of sales enablement tools as sharp, state-of-the-art devices that help you make a dent in your market. They give you important insights about your customers that can  enable you to win them over. At the same time, they are like a barometer that alerts you when your customer is warming up to you and your offering, or if they are getting cold and distant. They can also give you that one piece of information that can make you close a sale.

First, sales enablement tools hone in on every aspect of your customer's buyer journey. They open a window for you to see into their 'shopping soul.' Gone are the days that salesmen can simply aggressively push a product or service just to convince the buyer to purchase it. Instead, the sales enablement tool will let you gauge their current interest in your offering, show you how relevant it is to their lives, and the most likely action they will take about it. Understanding the location of your customer in his buyer's journey can lead to a smarter strategy that can keep him engaged. 

Second, the role of analytics in your sales teams's success cannot be underestimated. As a sales enablement tool, it actually unveils the secrets that make your customer tick. It analyzes the offerings that they like and dislike, and the reasons behind them. It can also make a realistic estimate of their reaction to your sales team's campaign --- and given enough time, let them adjust accordingly so they can achieve maximum impact. 

Analytics becomes even more valuable given the rise of personalization as a sales and marketing trend. Reaching out to customers nowadays is no longer a one-size-fits-all approach especially as it’s a very diverse market out there. The more specific and tailored your message and offering are to their needs, the higher the chances of their positive response.

Third, sales enablement tools provide training to your sales team, always keeping them sharp and informed. Training material such as videos, articles, and webinars are now available on-demand and can be streamed to any location. If your sales team needs to enhance their presentation skills, or brush up on how to deal with C-suite clients, they can do it within minutes---always preparing them for the next big client presentation.

Organizations that are not adopting the latest sales technology experienced a 12% drop in their sales goals. That’s according to the research conducted by the Sales Management Association. Sales enablement tools are becoming more than just a trend but a necessity in modern organizations who want to stay relevant and increase their revenue. Sales enablement tools will help you see the bigger picture in the world of sales and marketing. They let you streamline the qualifications for leads, and help provide personalized content to each customer. They convert your sales teams into powerhouses who are not just welcomed by your customers, but are actually sought-after.

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